Annual FET Conference coming up soon


The 3rd annual FET College will focus on the partnerships between the ICT
industry and FET sector.

The aim is to encourage collaboration and investigate progress within the ICT
infrastructure sector in order to effectively implement ICT infrastructure in

The conference will highlight a number of topics related to ICT, giving special
attention to the rising importance of E-learning.

This is where education and technology meet and this issue will comprise a
great deal of the discussion scheduled to take place at the conference.

As an ICT tool, e-learning provides opportunities for students and educators.
It provides work skills training, promotes global partnerships and improves the
quality of education.

The conference will also cover the growing role of mobile phones and
applications and how they are shaping learning environments.

Speakers are drawn from a number of areas within the skills development
sector including the consulting, higher education, public and NGO fields.

The conference will take place 18, 19 March at the Emperor?s Palace. For
more information call 011 325 2485 or email href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]

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