Anonymous school app tackles abuse

With the help of smart technology local schools are clamping down on bullying, abuse and racism.

The innovative software simply known as the 'Anonymous Reporting App for Schools' was developed by Marc Hardwick, who is also the founder of child protection agency, The Guardian.

The app allows students to log anonymous reports related to inappropriate or abusive behaviour. This includes bullying, depression, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, fighting, racism, sexual assault, stealing and more.

These reports are delivered to designated responders at the school who are then prompted to investigate the claims and resolve any accompanying issues.

So far the app has been successful in rooting out sexual abuse in the home, but according to the statistics bullying, drugs and depression are the leading complaints.

The software has also been instrumental in exposing the inappropriate behaviour of staff members and a handful of teachers have been suspended as a result.

Overall the app has created a platform for adults to assist vulnerable students who are often too ashamed or scared to speak up.

It is also a cost effective and practical way of opening up communication lines at high schools as learners are able to download the app for free.

Participating schools are charged an initial registration fee of R1 250 and then R500 each month thereafter.

More schools are using this technology to break the silence and support hurting children.

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Source: All4Women

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing