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“It is crucial to update your skills and knowledge base if you want to stay relevant in the workplace, find a job or be promoted to a better position,” says Natalie Rabson, Marketing Manager at Boston City Campus & Business College. “Technology changes so fast that everyone needs to continuously learn new things. This is true in all sectors of the economy and all areas of work. Life-long learning applies to each one of us, from IT specialists to motor mechanics, chefs to public relations officers and event managers.”

There are many study options available when it comes to updating your skills. Rabson believes it is first priority to look at courses and short learning programmes that are regarded as valuable by employers. This is especially significant seeing that the economy is still in the midst of one of its most challenging periods.

Another priority when choosing a course of study is to check that the right government and/ or industry body accredits the course you’re interested in. while the skills are valuable, they must be based on industry accreditation. Boston was established nearly 30 years ago, bringing many years of experience in making sure students attend a top class institution that attends to the academic and work requirements of students. Visit campuses so you can see that the facilities, equipment and course material that is being used is up to date and relevant to the workplace.

“The aim when studying is to update skills and knowledge, so there’s no point in studying skills or equipment that are too outdated and not being used anymore,” Rabson points out. “At Boston we pull out all the stops to keep contact with various industries, update course material, and introduce new courses regularly.”

Boston’s detailed prospectus explains the various course categories that exist; how students can climb the education ladder through a full course or one module at a time; how credits work; and answers frequently asked questions that students have.

According to Rabson, a wide range of study opportunities are available at Boston, as well as a range of course levels. Select from a degree, various diploma and higher certificates, or short learning programmes in careers such as IT, management, HR, accounting, marketing and more.

Boston caters for students fresh out of school that want to study fulltime as well as students that are presently employed and want to study part-time to update their skills. Course and learning programmes are modular, which means students can enrol for only a few modules or particular skills such as Bookkeeping or graphics if they so choose.

short courses an effective way to give someone who may not wish to enter the commitment of higher education for whatever reason, the chance to put something on their CV. For those already employed, these courses also offer an endless variety of new or upgraded skills to choose from in a labour market flooded with job-seekers who don’t have enough skills to become successfully employed.

At colleges across the country, short course programmes have been steadily growing in popularity. They are becoming more and more valuable in a labour market where there are too many unskilled workers, together with a widespread skills shortage across a number of industries.

A short course is the start to employment, and often to something more in education . The value of short courses in a South African context lies in that they are inexpensive vocational training programmes, and easily accessible via part-time learning.

EXPECT MORE from Boston
* Free career assessment to discover your interests, talents and skills to make an informed career choice, this is supported with a free computerized career compass assessment worth R500.00
* You qualify for a free short learning programme worth R2499.00.  The Financial Independence short learning programme will offer you real life skills to become financially independent.

AWARD Winning Institution
Boston is an award winning institution, having been 
*Voted Best College for 8 years running
*Ranked No 1 Tuition Centre in Africa by CompTIA, 8 years running
*Ranked 3rd Tuition Globally by CompTIA, 8 years running

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