Are you in the right career?

Most people naturally fall into the field of work that best suits their personality, but for some finding the right career can be a winding road.

In 1959 psychologist and researcher John L Holland developed a theory that people could be matched to an industry rather than a specific job, according to their personalities.

He proposed that elements like personality traits, development, culture and work environments could be assessed to determine the most suitable career path for individuals.

He believed that people could be grouped into one of six personality types which could be matched to certain fields. He also believed that certain personality types could be suited to more than one field of work.

In the video "Holland's career choice theory" we explore the six main categories, which include:

The Artistic Type

Artistic people are usually creative, imaginative and intuitive. They are able to create, capture and express beauty in order to enrich lives. People who fall into this category pursue careers as writers, musicians and artists. Since the advent of technology these careers have evolved with many artistic types now becoming graphic designers, copy writers and social media specialists.

The Enterprising Type

People in this group are described as "energetic, ambitious, adventurous and self confident". Jobs that match this personality type include sales, entrepreneurship and business executive. Enterprising personalities take risks, push boundaries and often make great breakthroughs for mankind.

The Conventional Type

In contrast to their enterprising and artistic counterparts, conventional types are found at the traditional end of the spectrum. They are seen as efficient, careful, conforming and organised. These personality types make good accountants, secretaries and bankers. They bring a sense of routine and continuity in an ever-changing world.

The Social Type

"The social personality type is considered to be humanistic, idealistic and concerned for others." Suitable job matches includes teacher or counselor. In order to be successful in these occupations individuals need to be inherently compassionate and caring which is why the social personality fits this field so well.

The Investigative Type

These personality types are generally analytical, observant and inquisitive. They seek to understand and explain the world in logically ways and are best suited for careers in maths, science and technology.

The Realistic Type

People in this category are considered to be practical, physical and "hands-on". Realistic types express themselves tangibly and play a huge part in bringing physical structure to our world. A career in gardening, engineering or the military is often a good fit for individuals in this group.

Holland's theory proves that there is no perfect or ideal personality type but that every person has an important role to play in society. For that reason it is imperative that people are correctly matched to their calling.

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