Are You Thinking of Becoming a Motivational Speaker?



The motivational speaker industry has proven its value to the workplace a million times over. Whether audiences include positive people, struggling employees, or pessimistic managers, it doesn’t matter. There’s an abundance of benefits to a conference.

A frequent question is how to become a motivational speaker? The thrill of adding value to an appreciative audience is unbeatable.

It is awesome to see the lifting morale of a corporate team running low on fuel.

Waking up in another country and enjoying the local cuisine is delightful. One has difficulty to imagine another career as fulfilling.

Take the initiative and follow up on these suggestions: 

  • Join your local Toastmasters club.
  • Get in touch with a professional speaker’s association.
  • Ask a career speaker to mentor you.
  • Read at least two books on how to become a motivational speaker by authors Dottie Walters and Tag Goulet.
  • Understand the context of corporate events and where motivational speakers fit into the bigger picture.

It’s a great experience to travel internationally and being the keynote speaker at big conferences. This is a dream for many and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your success on the speaking circuit will take time. Becoming a motivational speaker is tough. As with any career, there will be difficulties. Follow a rational approach and steer clear from sources that might make it sound easy. Be sober and equip yourself diligently. Your hard work, experience, talent and skills will blend during the process.

Improve your presentation skills. In some ways, this is the easy part. You have to run your own business, market yourself and be internet savvy. The good news is that you can learn to. Many professional speakers don’t have the luxury of appointing a full or part-time assistant, and therefore they wear many hats simultaneously. Absence of working in a team and being a “lone eagle” is challenging to many speakers and can get lonely.

Take your time if you want to become a motivational speaker. Don’t rush into anything and hone your competencies. At first, find opportunities to speak for free. The fees will follow at a later stage. Be relentless in preparation and believe in your dream. But be realistic and follow the advice of Teddy Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

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Estienne de Beer is a wildlife motivational speaker for corporate conferences.