Around 30 000 Gauteng School Applications Outstanding

Children writing in books

The Gauteng Department of Basic Education (DBE) is urging parents to continue using the online admission system to apply for the placement of their children, as around 30 000 applications remain outstanding. 

The DBE’s Gauteng Head of Department (HOD) Mr Edward Mosuwe says that just below 80 000 applications were received by the department during phase two of the application process.

He explains that the department expected 150 000 applications from parents wanting to place their children in Grade 1 and Grade 8 for the 2022 academic year. The current number of applications outstanding amounts to around 30 000. This applies to learners that are currently in the public schooling system in Gauteng.

Mosuwe said, “we want to continue to encourage those parents that are still lagging behind to make sure that they get their young people registered but secondly, as in terms of grade one, we have seen some great uptake for grade one applications as of last week Thursday”.

He says the department received just over 80 000 grade 1 applications for phase 2, which also included 12 000 grade 8 applications from learners that may not be in the public schooling system.

“We want to implore on all of those that would still want to be bringing the children into the housing education system for grade 1 and 8 to take advantage of this system because it is only on the online system that we will be able to process the application. We therefore, make this plea that parents guardians and learners alike should take advantage of the system while the online admission process is open” said Mosuwe.

The HOD has confirmed that the department has made provision for parents who may not have access to the internet which would prevent them from making applications. He says the department has set up 45 walk-in centres around the province.

He said, “parents or anybody who may want to be assisted with applications can go in there. We have our officials and colleagues ready to assist and we have seen even at the head office level on a daily basis parents coming and they are getting assisted”.

Phase two of admissions close on Friday 8 October 2021.



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