The art and science of communication


Janine M. Kantor

The process of communication begins with a few simple conversational words that transforms into data input and output. The communicative process comes easily to most people yet some seem to miss the fundamentals of many conversations that occur.

The question is then asked as to why this communicative phenomenon is such a complicated event?

The answer to this is quite simple - its called human nature. People are habitual creatures by nature and the vast majority of people tend to seek the familiar and because of this, people are inclined to communicate in a way that is familiar to them. However this familiar way might be unfamiliar to someone else.

Therefore, it is vital that when one is engaging in communication that they must seek to understand and empathise with the person to whom they are communicating to.

Communication is a science and when one understands the science behind the nature of communication it becomes easier to have conversational interactions with people whilst maintaining a level of professionalism, tact and dignity between the parties involved.

Communicative skills that encourage such neutral communication include empathy, assertiveness, active listening, empathetic listening and understanding, comprehension capabilities, emotional awareness and lateral thinking.

These tools can equip a learner to seek communication that is accurate, logical and rational. Furthermore, communication is a systematised process that works at the same mechanical level as a mathematical equation - it is solvable in its entirety.

These skills ensure that the learner takes into account all aspects of verbal and non verbal communication as body language is fundamental in ensuring that the write message is transferred correctly.

Whether speaking to one person or to a group of people, it is worthwhile to get the message across correctly the first time as this encourages understanding and the opportunity for further exploration of the topic at hand. It also eliminates ambiguities, assumptions and misinterpretations of information that can lead to conflict and hurt feelings.

Blazing Moon incorporates all the tools and skills into their original and informative communication course. Using their experiential learning training methodologies as a basis, Blazing Moon envelopes all aspects of theoretical and practical implementation of the tools and skills necessary to become an effective communicator.

Janine M. Kantor is currently a Corporate Trainer/ Facilitator and Training Manager at Blazing Moon Corporate Training. Janine has been involved in the educational arena for over 8 years as a lecturer, facilitator and trainer as well as a course developer. Janine has qualified as a professional counselor as well as obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree, an Honours degree in Psychology.

Janine?s ethos is based on sound researched principles and integration of accurate researched methodologies and experience into the training environment. Her passion is academia and imparting this knowledge to people in order to enhance their corporate and personal lifestyles.

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