The art of switching on ? and being off


There is nothing in existence that forces a person to take some time out and
remain totally disconnected and unproductive.

So claims executive leadership at Dac Systems, a national specialist services
provider focused on turnkey implementation of leading edge industry solutions. Aldo
van Tonder, Solutions Executive at the company, has a different take on the popular
view that there are prescribed times to "switch off? and remain so, and when to be

He believes there is merit in the theory: spend quality time with ones family, but
at the same time retain the ability to interact and still perform certain duties - the
essence of productivity! This is where social networks comes in.

"Social networks cannot be ignored in today?s chaotic business world. Businesses
are in absolute turmoil across the globe, economies are suffering but still technology
innovations are launching at an unrivalled pace. How can you marry these two
worlds, creating a near perfect storm?' van Tonder comments.

The issue is that social networks provide real business value and this simply
cannot be ignored he continues.

"The problem comes in with how to use it. I believe awareness is everything, it is
important to "spread the word? and make people aware of who you are and what you
stand for,' says van Tonder.

To illustrate, van Tonder uses the job interview as an analogy. "A quick online
search on social networks about a prospective candidate will reveal so much more
than a five page CV ever could.

Same goes in business - imagine a search of your organization or you specifically
and the avalanche of personal information that is made public and available.' The
bottom line is that this is the perfect channel to share information that a website or
profile brochure can never truly capture.

"Social networking has made business more personal and has ultimately forced
humans to deal with humans,' he adds.

In terms of productivity, management at Dac Systems believes that using
productivity solutions and engage social media will enable companies to better utilize
the social network to multi-task and "spread the word? "The reality is that our worlds
are merging, personal and business is becoming blurred.

While you sit at work and quickly check Facebook or other social networks, why
not have the same capability when you are not at work. Focus on using the same
things you are use to in your personal and social life and apply that to your business.
You will be pleasantly surprised that you don't have to switch off, you should rather
be switched on while being off,' says van Tonder.