Artisan initiative and FET month launch


The six Western Cape FET College will be launching, with support from the
Western Cape Education Department, the Western Cape FET Colleges ARTISAN
Initiative on Monday, 4 August 2014.

This will be the start of the national FET Week that has been proclaimed by the
National Department of Higher Education and Training that forms part of the Decade
of the Artisan, 2014-2024.

Says DHET Deputy Minister Manana: "The Ministry of Higher Education and
Training has declared the first week of August as an "FET Week' in FET colleges
across the country. This announcement was made on the 3rd of February 2014 at
the Ekurhuleni East FET College during the launch of the "Decade of the Artisan'.

He adds: "The purpose of dedicating a week is to expose and encourage high
school learners to consider taking up careers along artisanal and technical skills. My
department?s vision is to see more young people get into the technical, vocational
education and training stream in order to speedily grow the economy of the country
and thereby reduce the high unemployment rate in South Africa. Our FET (TVET)
colleges are well placed to deal with the needs of our skills starved economy and we
are employing all strategies to make them institutions of first choice.'

The ARTISAN Initiative is an opportunity where each of the six Western Cape
FET Colleges have chosen a letter from the word "ARTISAN' and, with the assistance
of their skills departments, will be depicting the various skills that the Colleges have
to offer in the creation of the letter that they have chosen. These letters will be
unveiled at the College of Cape Town?s Crawford Campus whereafter it will be
transported to the "Design Corridor' in the Cape Town CBD to be displayed as part of
the World Design Capital Projects for 2014.

Other activities and events taking place during the FET Week and FET Month
include: Open Days, free assessments, regional skills competitions in preparation for
future participation in the international World Skills Challenge, college campus tours
and numerous other exciting activities.