Assertiveness is key to success


"When my company sent me on the "Assertiveness Skills Training? workshop, presented by Debbie, I was simply looking forward to a day away from the office. This particular day changed my life! " These are the words of Monica Ntliziyombi who attended a recent workshop hosted by Staff Training at the Encore Conference Center in Panorama, Cape Town.

"Being assertive is a necessary and integral part of every persons life' says Debbie Engelbrecht, owner of Staff Training. "Simply ask any parent!'

We place a huge amount of stress on ourselves by repeating requests, redoing work that we have delegated and generally not achieving what we set out to do in the first place.

Assertiveness training addresses the way we approach others and ourselves in our quest to achieve our objectives. Basically assertive people know their own boundaries. The manager who will not allow an employee to have a temper tantrum in the office, the colleague who will not tolerate rudeness from others, the buyer who will not put up with shoddy service from a supplier - these people are assertive.

There is also a huge difference between assertiveness and aggression. Aggression is in fact, particularly unassertive behaviour!

"This workshop is by far my favourite one to present' says Debbie. "I can actually see the delegates make the mind switch during the course of the day! It is life giving and from my point of view, essential, for most people to attend this workshop!'

Our busy lifestyles, daily stress and a generally demanding society , has made this world a rather difficult place for many people to live in. Saying "no' respectfully and requesting assistance respectfully should come naturally to us, but to many it doesn?t.

We either override our own feelings and build up resentment, or tend to erupt at the smallest and most unrelated issues. All of these are symptomatic of unassertive behaviour.

The workshops take place regularly and Debbie normally hosts at the Encore Conference Center in Panorama, but also does in-house training for companies. These one-day workshops are interactive and with a maximum of 16 delegates allow for individual attention in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

If you are interested in booking a delegate or attending one yourself, contact Debbie on 082 687 85 83 or [email protected]

The website also provides more information on the presenter and the company.