Assessment College concludes BEE deal


On Friday 2 June 2006 a deal was signed between black-owned company Liberty Lane and the Assessment College of South Africa in terms of which Liberty acquired a 26% shareholding in Assessment College, with an option to expand the shareholding to 49% at a later stage.

Liberty is owned by the Herman and Connie Mashaba Trust; the Gilimannba Mahlati Trust; and Dihlare Investment Holdings. Liberty Lane is in the process of taking in a high level black woman as share holder and to serve as an executive director of Assessment College.

Connie Mashaba, CEO of cosmetics company Black Like Me, will serve on the Board of Assessment College.

"We are delighted to be associated with a company that is so deeply involved in the development of skills the country so badly needs to create a better future for us all,' she says.

For her part, Marietta van Rooyen, Chair of the Assessment College, is very upbeat.

"This is the BEE deal we have been looking for,' she says. "We now have partners whom we deeply respect and can look up to for guidance in business matters.'