ATG Now Offers E-Learning, Making Studying More Convenient

Lady doing e-learning

Academy Training Group (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 and serves as a private training institution. They have over 24 years of reputable experience in the Education and Training industry.

Are you interested in E-learning? You don't need to take time out from your job to attend classes. 

Why choose Academy Training Group?

  • Academy Training Group offers a variety programmes in an environment that supports and encourage your learning
  • Well-maintained and modern facilities where you can study full time or part time
  • Facilitator-lead training and small classes ensure that a great deal of attention is given to each individual
  • Student loans are available at leading banks and other organizations
  • Credit payment plans are available that suite your budget
  • National and International accreditation
  • All programmes are in demand, relevant and updated frequently. There is no doubt that this training will enable you to follow your chosen career path and ultimately allow you to reach your goals
  • Academy Training Group supports the principles of democracy which grant everybody the right to a better education
  • Academy Training Group is registered with the Department of Higher Education, registration certificate number 2010/FE07/045
  • Providing leading occupational and skills development courses
  • Assistance in meeting BEE needs and compliance

To find out more about ATG's E-Learning options, click here.




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