BankSeta launches online portal

Through its online portal the Bankseta is expanding access to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT).

The aim is to assist current and past employees in the banking and microfinance sector, and help them gain formal recognition for their work experience and informal training.
The portal is designed to give individuals all the information they need to access both RPL and CAT remotely.

What is RPL?

According to the BankSeta, Recognition of Prior Learning, or RPL, “is a process for recognising relevant skills and competencies that have been developed outside of the formal education system”.

The RPL process was created to evaluate skills that were not obtained in a classroom or formal learning environment. This allows workers the opportunity to earn a qualification for skills and knowledge developed on the job.

What is CAT?

Credit Accumulation and Transfer, or CAT, refers to the formal study of subjects or courses which are not officially accredited. This can include short courses, or internal training performed at a place of employment.

Through CAT individuals can have their training assessed and recognised with an education authority.

Participating individuals can use the RPL and CAT process to earn a full or part qualification.

Both processes have successfully been rolled out by BANKSETA since 2012 and over 7500 employees in the sector have received recognition for their formal and informal learning.

How can I apply?

To register on the portal go to RPL Bankseta .You will find step by step instructions on how to apply and which documents you need to submit.

To learn more about the portal click link RPL BankSeta