The baseline in IT strategy


In a market defined by competition and service delivery, it makes sense to
implement a strategy that actively promotes the principle of agility in order to
optimise operations. It is for this reason that, IT Operations Management (ITOM)
is readily available and a priority for any sized venture wishing to strengthen
their ability to compete.

ITOM is an effective approach to technology integration and application,
defined largely by the advent of the Cloud. Experts in managed ICT services and
support suggest that companies make use of this approach and the availability
of applications and technologies previously unattainable.

"The growth of the ICT market and the development of the Cloud have
certainly had an impact on service providers,' explains Robert Sussman, joint
CEO, Integr8.

The global managed ICT services provider has sustained its leadership in the
market and remained ahead of game-changing trends like collaboration and
ubiquitous computing.

Integr8 refers to market research, confirmed by international analyst and
research companies like IDC, which claims that the domestic market contributes
approximately $14 billion or 46.5% of the total market in 2012.

It suggests a high-growth, high opportunity marketplace and one that has
forced service providers like Integr8 to adapt.

"So, we have grown organically and mirror the pace of development and
maturity in the technology services space. As such, we are able to meet the
requirements of all market segments and add immediate value,' says Sussman.

Integr8 is excited about the relevance of ITOM as a channel to rollout
software solutions that make a meaningful difference to businesses.

"One is looking at a bigger market,' adds Sussman. "People or businesses
previously without access to certain solutions and technologies are now in a
stronger position and have a greater opportunity to access them. It broadens
the market both horizontally and vertically, and more solutions will be offered
and catered for - yet it is still early days.'