Basic Education Updates Matric Exam Protocols

After allowing Covid-19 positive learners to write, the Department of Basic Education has released protocols for schools to follow when dealing with Covid-19 cases during the exam period.

The department met with stakeholders, unions and school governing bodies who all welcomed the measures put forward.

Schools have received the documents detailing the measures that they have to follow in the event that a candidate writing the exam tests positive. 

Last week the department announced that learners with a temperature above 38 degrees would be allowed to write the final exams. 

This was then followed by an announcement the night before exams that Covid-19 positive learners would also be allowed to write.

Parents and guardians of candidates writing the matric exams will have to inform the school if their status changes to positive. 

This will help the department follow the right measures to accommodate all candidates.

Those who are Covid-19 positive will write their exams in an isolated venue, away from other learners.

The department has asked all candidates to continue following the Covid-19 protocol during the exam period. 

"They should refrain from attending social gatherings and strictly observe the protocols relating to social distancing, wearing of the mask, and hand sanitizing," said the department in a statement. 

Parents are also encouraged to continue offering support to learners as they make their way through the exam period.



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