Beauty industry still booming


What started out as a niche market has now become a multi-million dollar sector in almost every economy. What are we talking about? The beauty industry.

According to Statista in 2018 the global cosmetics market grew by an estimated 5.5 percent compared to the previous sales year.

The demand for beauty products has remained constant in the face of economic decline as people discover ever more creative ways to enhance their physical appearance.

Beautiko College highlights some of the latest trends in the beauty industry:

Economic Trends

"With a rise in expendable income, consumers are more able to afford premium products," says Beautiko.

Today women around the globe have a higher capacity to earn and spend their own money. As the primary targets of the beauty industry these women are widening the avenues for sales and profits.

According to Beautiko women are more willing to buy expensive items if they believe it to be high quality and long lasting.

Health Trends

"Beauty from within is becoming more important because of the link between what you eat and the effect it has on your skin and body."

The beauty market which initially focused on hair and facial enhancements has now expanded to include health and fitness products.

The shift towards skincare, proper nutrition and wholeness has created more opportunities for beauty-related organisations.

"Today ingredients like dermo-cosmoceuticals, prebiotics and probiotics are becoming common place in beauty products to strengthen and re-establish skin health."

Social Trends

"Inclusiveness is the order of the day when it comes to marketing, products and salons."

For example there are now a growing number of products and treatments that are aimed at men.

There is a demand for health and beauty solutions for all ethnic groups, genders and ages.

Environmental Trends

Enviro-conscious consumers are placing a greater emphasis on recyclable goods.

Discerning consumers have realized their spending power and are using it to apply pressure on companies to comply with legal requirements.

"Environmentally friendly packaging, combined with organic products are becoming more important."

Personal Trends

"People want to be seen as individuals which has prompted a demand for personalised attention and care."

With the help of digital and advanced diagnostic tools like DNA testing, a client can receive a unique needs analysis for individualised treatments, according to Beautiko.

"The quest for eternal youth and the perfect body has lead to advanced treatments like micro-needling and chemical peels to restore the skins appearance, whereas radiofrequency, lipolaser and ultrasound fat cavitation can help to achieve a more ideal figure."

At Beautiko we believe in keeping up with developments in the field of health and skincare.

During training these trends are addressed in theory and in practice to ensure that students are fully equipped to qualify for local and international opportunities.

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