The Benefits of being Excel Proficient



MS Excel

Excel is found on just about every desktop or laptop in the workplace. 

In these modern times and even though we use various programs and systems to perform functions such as financial calculations, record keeping and administrative actions, we do, most of the time not actually know how these programs work.


Many white-collar workers have, when receiving excel training, attested that even if they use excel every day, they do not actually know how the program works and that the undo button is their only friend in the case of making a mistake.  This is because they use pre-programmed excel workbooks that contain macro’s and formulas which result in them simply inputting values and receiving the desired output.

Upon asking these individuals why they had not learned how to use Excel to its fullest extent, instead of working off pre-programmed workbooks, the majority of them said that they were afraid of making mistakes and this is why they do not experiment with the programme.

At the end of the day, people fear what they do not understand, but that is what training is for!

So instead of having fear hold you back, master it!  Become the person that pre-programmes sheets with macro’s and formulas, the way you want it…and operate at your maximum potential.

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