Benefits of training an employee

There are many benefits to training an employee. In fact training staff is not only
beneficial to you, but it is also beneficial to your customer base. In an engaging
video presentation experienced corporate trainer, Angela Huffmon provides us
with the top five reasons to train an employee.

The top five reasons why you should train your employees, according to Angela.

1.Training employees increase their motivation and morale

Just by receiving ongoing training it will make your staff want to come to
work. They will be happier and more productive. They will see your willingness to
want to invest in them and their future. This will contribute to them increasing
their skills and their talent.

They will want to use their new acquired
skills in your company. No matter which you way you look at, training your staff
is excellent for business.

2.Training your employees increases their confidence

When you train your employees it actually increases their confidence. When you
provide them with on going training, they will have more confidence in doing
their job.

They will meet their deadlines faster. They will do a better job
in terms of accuracy and research. When your staff are more confident, you can
relax with the knowledge that they will be less inclined to make mistakes.

3.Training employees will result in them making fewer mistakes

Training will enable staff to make fewer mistakes in their work This will end up
saving you a vast amount of money and time. You will eliminate having to ask
staff to continuously re-do work.

You will also eliminate having to
continuously send your staff back. This will be beneficial to you, your customers
and your employees.

4.Training increases staff longevity

Providing continuous training for your staff will result in a higher rate of staff
retention. Not only will you have a more loyal and skilled work-base but you will
save on time and effort. You will not have to go through the trouble of having to
re-hire new staff. This will save you a lot of unnecessary hassles and troubles.

5. Eliminating training results in decreased employee motivation and production

Keep your training going, encourage them to do all types of training. The more
training your staff do, the more enthusiastic and motivated they will become.

When training is eliminated it results in decreased motivation and
production. Staff who are being trained continuously, are happier and more

What do you think?

Do you agree that there are great benefits to training? Do company bosses
normally agree - or are they too worried about the cost of any training?