BIC donates 6 million pens

Dreams, aspirations and passions gain hope as BIC chooses to change the future of South African students.

Each year, the Back-To-School season witnesses overjoyed parents flocking to retail stores to purchase Stationery in hopes of equipping their children with the tools to unlock their potential. Sadly, for many South African parents and children, this season can bring about a large amount of anxiety, as many go without the most basic tools, such as pens.

This adversity is what compelled market leader of the Stationery Category, BIC, to develop its ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ campaign, in its efforts to advocate for educational opportunities for a better future. Through the campaign, BIC has managed to donate an astonishing 6 million pens to underprivileged children in South Africa, in just five years.

“As a brand, BIC recognises that every child carries the precious combination of potential and imagination. Understanding that these incredible attributes need to be harnessed and preserved, through the ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ campaign, we are able to provide children with the tools to unbar their creativity and access their imagination and potential.

We are pleased to have been able to make a contribution in empowering and enabling children who are in need,” says Ronette Kishun: BIC Marketing Manager - Stationery. Kishun also urged South Africans to join the movement and create magic for children in need, by choosing to change a future.

In the absence of a sufficient stationary tool kit the process of learning and educational development is hindered and delayed. Unfortunately for many, as a result of the economic climate in South Africa, this hinderance is a vivid reality.

As a means of addressing this and ensuring that no dreams are delayed, through the ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ platform, BIC is able to donate a pen to a disadvantaged child each time a BIC Stationery product with the ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ sticker is purchased.

This Back-To-School season, BIC would like to plead with parents and companies alike to make a difference and ensure a brighter future for children in need, while instilling a sense of dignity in their educational journey. BIC’s ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ campaign will culminate on 31st March 2017.

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