Boston Basics: 5 Foundations for learning

80% of brain growth happens during the first three years of life. Find out what you can do maximise your child's learning ability.

The Boston Basics Campaign aims to help children get the best start in life by training parents to perform five foundational activities during the early stages of learning.

According to the lead creator, Ronald Ferguson, “Every child is filled with vast potential for success”. Ferguson is also the Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University.

Ferguson and other educational experts agree that these basic principles are of paramount importance to the holistic development of any child.

Even though the initiative has been launched in America the practices are applicable to parents everywhere.

“A few simple everyday activities can make a big difference.”

These 5 activities include:

Maximize love and manage stress

A stable and loving home is the best foundation for your child.

“Feeling secure in their relationships gives them the confidence they need to explore, learn and take on life's challenges.”

The safety of a loving family empowers the child “to manage their feelings and behaviour.”

Talk, sing and point

Babies learn about communication before they are even born. “They begin by listening to the sounds when family members and caregivers talk to them.”

By employing all three actions you can help your child gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of words and language.


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