Boston launches postgraduate diploma in management

We are living in a time of unprecedented change, disruption, and upheaval. But we are also living in a time in which what seemed impossible is now becoming possible, a time of incredible growth and unparalleled potential. Leading a company or managing people in the face of such fluidity calls for a deepening of critical skill sets with which to surf the wave of change that is breaking.

At Boston City Campus & Business College we believe the introduction of our Postgraduate Diploma in Management will offer the adventurous and entrepreneurial a rich foundation from which to launch a new trajectory in their career.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is an NQF Level 8 qualification accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The qualification is geared towards developing intellectual and management capacity in such vital areas as operations and enterprise-wide risk management, corporate governance, global marketing, human capital and talent management, negotiation techniques for change-management, financial management, and business research methods and quantitative skills.

CEO of Boston City Campus & Business College, Professor Ari Katz, opines that “Management and industries across the spectrum are at a pivotal crossroads with the digitisation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), changing the way we think about and do business. This qualification has been carefully designed to develop your critical and creative thinking—two essential competencies for effectively steering and managing a business in the 4IR.”

Cultivating capabilities in critical and creative thinking, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management recognises the importance of leadership development and seeks to contextualise leadership and management styles within the context of the 4IR. Professor Katz notes, further, that the qualification is “set to develop our postgraduates with the relevant leadership skills to leverage the technologies of the digital age, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) which, according to Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined.”

The design of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management takes contextual realities and challenges seriously and offers students a significant space within which they are empowered to think broadly and deeply about how to transform the workplace from a place of surviving to a place of thriving. Dr Hendrik Botha, Academic Head for Boston City Campus & Business College, maintains that “The Postgraduate Diploma in Management will offer students a penetrating and comprehensive understanding of the operational side of the business and of human development.” This comprehensive understanding is, according to Dr Botha, “underpinned by the development of strategic management and business skills for effective and contextual decision-making, and creative and critical thinking.” Students will be equipped with enabling skills that will put them in good stead locally, nationally and globally.