Budget promotes education for liberation


Nelson Mandela once said that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. This statement has inspired Budget Insurance Brokers’ social responsibility programme, which aims to contribute towards the development of South Africa’s youth and support skills development.

Budget Insurance, one of the leading short-term insurance brokerages in South Africa, has recently invested R50 000 in people development by supporting South Africa’s Life College, a non-profit organisation that provides emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and leadership education to South African youth.

Glen Langenegger, general manager of Budget Insurance Brokers says: "Our Constitution guarantees the right to a basic education yet this right is not fully enjoyed by many, and it is somewhat dependent on one’s social class background and the ability to pay for education. In addition, it has been said that South Africa has a low rate of entrepreneurial activity, compared to other developing countries, due to the failure of the education system to develop adequate skills".

"We have decided to support The Life College as it strives to produce youth who are self-starters; who have a success mentality; who are independent thinkers and who have the emotional intelligence foundation to be entrepreneurs," he said.

The Life College actively seeks out misunderstood individuals, who are then guided to accept a new personal success framework which involves re-programming their emotional intelligence. The ultimate goal of the College is to see young people making a success of their lives in the real world by instilling in them the required skills, confidence and self-esteem.'

"Social responsibility has become a buzz-word in corporate circles but we believe that a lot more needs to be done if South African business really wants to contribute and promote sustainability,' says Langenegger.

He adds, "Our social responsibility programme ensures that the Life College is able to sustain delivering its programmes to underprivileged youth and impart the greatest gift of all - the gift of education'.

Langenegger concludes: "We believe that social responsibility is a long-term investment, and makes good business sense. Not only does it create future consumers and assist with the economic development and upliftment of the country as a whole, but it also gives us the opportunity to identify the leaders of tomorrow, confident in the knowledge that these students will have the right skills, knowledge and values that we would warmly welcome within our own Company.'

For more information on the Life College please contact 011 293 7404 or e-mail: [email protected].