Build your career in business analysis

IndigoCube is offering a flexible but structured programme for achieving the National Certificate in Business Analysis (NQF Level 6).

IndigoCube’s programme includes international training material and an exam supplied by B2T Training, a specialist provider of training and certification programmes for business analysts. B2T’s programmes are endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis, and are widely used in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and Spain.

IndigoCube is B2T’s accredited training partner in South Africa and Dubai.

“Certification under the South African Qualifications Authority offers business analysts a way to enhance their career prospects and strengthen their CVs, while the addition of the B2T training and exam also opens up opportunities in the international arena,” says Robin Grace, Principal Consultant at IndigoCube. “We have also gone to great lengths to make the training programme structured yet flexible. We have been in the game for a long time, so we understand the workplace pressures that business analysts face—and what employers want to see.”

Grace explains that the curriculum developed by IndigoCube has been developed, and is delivered, by practising business analysts, and includes a library of useful materials such as requirement document templates, reference manuals and so on. The course is structured to allow candidates to complete the training in seven months, but because the individual courses are part of IndigoCube’s normal training programme, candidates can adjust the timing to their own requirements.

The National Certificate: Business Analysis is granted on competency. IndigoCube has thus geared its programme to helping candidates assemble a Portfolio of Evidence, which trained course facilitators will assess periodically. This will ensure that the skills studied in the course are effectively transferred into the candidate’s working environment, and competence can demonstrated to the SAQA assessors. For this reason, one of the entry requirements is that candidates are employed as business analysts and have the support of their managers to implement what they have learned at work.

“IndigoCube is a leader in training across all facets of software development and agile, and this program draws on this deep experience and understanding of the industry and its disciplines,” says Grace. “If you are keen to build a career in Business Analysis, then it makes sense to get yourself certified—and gain training that is internationally recognised as well.

For more information about IndigoCube’s training programme for the National Certificate in Business Analysis, email [email protected].


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