Building tomorrow's leaders today

The Institute of People Development (IPD) joined some of the country's biggest innovators at the Tomorrow's Leaders convention held in Joburg earlier this year.

The convention provided a platform to meet with millennial leaders at the forefront of development and growth in various business sectors.

'Tomorrow's Leaders are the most successful members of their generation - in the boardroom, in private enterprise, and in the public sector.'

IPD along with innovative organisations in South Africa such as AIP Investments and Raizcorp gathered with other leading voices in South Africa to redefine leadership.

The event which brought together 1000 individual brands reviewed the concept of leadership in the midst of “open source opportunities and blank canvases.”

Other themes included the impact of the 'skills revolution' on national transformation and progress.

According to IPD “the skills revolution is at fast pace becoming more of a set requirement to get ahead in the race for success.  Getting upskilled to perform better to improve not only the quality of life for the individual, but the nation as a whole, was the common thread throughout all conversations.”

What are the obstacles to leadership?

Skills shortages and a lack of personal development were identified as some of the challenges to developing good leaders. Advanced models of expanding basic education were highlighted as the solution to these challenges.

“The old way of thinking is being radically replaced by improved systems that include technology that will drive the future. Good leaders are in the making.”

What does it take to be a leader in the 21st century? 

“With the vast expanse of technology and innovation, today’s leader has no reservation to venture off the beaten track.”
According to IPD it takes personal ambition and personal development to become the leader who will gain the trust and respect of followers to forge ahead and become an inspiration.

How does IPD develop leaders?

“Enable the enablers” is one of the guiding principles behind IPD's training philosophy.

The aim is to enhance the quality of workplace learning provision through the development of managers, supervisors and learning development practitioners.

“IPD regards itself as a change maker.”

The training provider strives to stay ahead in the field by constantly reviewing and updating the standard of training and development to align with the National Skills Development Strategy of the country.

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By Cindy Payle