CACH Is Still Accepting New Applications


Following the recent completion of its first selection process of applicants on CACH, the Higher department is calling on prospective students to register and apply before the closing deadline. A recent update by the department also indicates that hundreds of applicants have been successfully assisted by the system.



Aspiring tertiary students who have so far not managed to secure a placement spot at any of the country’s public universities can still submit their application to the Central Application Clearing House (CACH). 

This is because the department is conducting a clearing component under the Central Application Service (CAS) Pilot for applicants participating in the pilot, and as a sign-up for applicants not participating in the CAS pilot.

According to the Higher Education Department’s parliamentary committee, this part of the process is done after the selection process has been completed. Its main goal is to provide applicants who were rejected during the first stage of the screening process space within an institution.

Those who have not yet submitted an application through the CACH system for the 2023 entrance have until Friday 31 March 2023 register online for CACH on the system’s website. Applications have been open since Friday 27 January 2023.

As of Monday 6 March a total of 75 455 applicants signed up for CACH with  5 014 545 accounting for attraction to its website. During this time,1 454 offers were made. 144 were accepted, 103 declined, 32 were pending and 1 175 expired.

The department has also extended the project cycle of the central application system since students were having trouble locating spots in order to help more students move forward.

Students are also reminded to keep in mind that CACH does not choose prospective students for admission because that is the responsibility of the institutions.

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Tertiary students who have applied through the CACH service

If you have submitted an application for a referral to a tertiary institution through CACH, you have a limited amount of time to accept your offer. The Department of Higher Education Department gives applicants a limited amount of time to respond in order to free up space in the system. 




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