Can enterprise development be sustainable?

Omni HR Consulting is passionate about business growth and one of its foundational philosophies is collaborative relationships and partnerships. In the words of Lize Moldenhauer, Managing Director at OMNI: “supporting the development of client organisations’ is embedded in our company DNA, we strive to share our learnings and support sustainable business growth.”

What does “Enterprise Development” mean to OMNI?

Our view and strategy in relation to Enterprise Development (ED) is not based on a short-term relationship, but rather a long road of commitment and partnership. We will not part ways with the beneficiaries until they are well on track to sustainable business growth.

OMNI has designed an ED solution model, which is rather specific and unique to ensure the sustainability of the beneficiaries who form part of our ED programme, says Doné Basson: Regional Operations Manager for OMNI. The model is practical and based on best practice business development principles. It is important to note the model is not a “one size fits all solution” adds Basson. Clear expectations and accountabilities are required at the offset as we need to be sensitive and conscious of entrepreneurial readiness.

There are many organisations who specialize in ED programmes. What makes the OMNI programme unique?

Our high energy, hands-on approach, performance driven, and personalization focusses on both the entrepreneurial mind-set and attitude, as well as the technical and operational business skills required to own and manage a young business destined for commercial success and sustainability.

As the Enterprise Development Enabler, OMNI closes the ED loop by systematically building and consolidating business knowledge, experience, insight and the ability required to convert business strategy, small business and supply chain development, commercial and operational leadership and good corporate citizenship into an investment delivering real socio-economic impact, B-BBEE points and a sound return on corporate investment.

Our model allows us not only to partner directly with an ED recipient, but also with companies (like ourselves) who wants to support enterprise development initiatives. We work alongside those companies to enable their identified ED beneficiaries to excel and transform and most importantly become sustainable.

Basson explains that young entrepreneurs are given specialised support by highly skilled business performance improvement coaches, deployed by OMNI. The process consists of 4 phases which spans over a period of 12-18 months. Elements covers a full spectrum of Business Management enhancement, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. The aim of the business coach is to ensure knowledge transfer, skills development and provide support on business systems and processes geared to enhance business performance and sustainability of the ED beneficiary.

How Important is Youth Enterprise Development in the SA context?

Statistics South Africa recently released the results of youth unemployment in South Africa. The rate increased to 53.70 percent in the second quarter of 2018 from 52.40 percent in quarter one.
The rapid increase in unemployment is testament to the lack of start-up skills in South Africa and it requires all stakeholders to drastically focus their approach to building an entrepreneurial ethos from a very early stage.

Youth should be taught the skills that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur from grass-root level as well as the practical skills of starting a business should be expanded to encourage more young people to explore entrepreneurial paths.

Enterprise Development in South Africa has become synonymous with economic transformation and the creation of sustainable businesses through creating opportunities and empowering budding entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to ensure that young people are integrated into the labour market, which can provide an effective solution to our economic downturn.

It is a known fact that the creation of local small-to-medium enterprises has a massive impact on both the local and national wellbeing of our economy. It is an accelerated route to a vibrant economy in South Africa. Now, more than ever it is vital to focus on the importance of the role of entrepreneurs in building sustainable economic growth. We urgently need to change our course and thinking process in South Africa and enable more youth, through adequately equipping them with skills, supportive training and mentorship, to explore entrepreneurship, not just driven by necessity, but rather to capatalise on the opportunities within the market.

We have a collective responsibility for developing entrepreneurship mindsets within our youth. We need sustainable, innovative, new small businesses to emerge into the market. We need to not only, empower our people, communities and our country, but also to provide hope and economic freedom to our youth, to keep their dreams and aspirations of a sustainable life and wellbeing alive.

OMNI is committed to enable our own strategies for enterprise development, but also to support the strategies of other organisations who are looking to engage in ED initiatives.

To obtain more detail or discuss your ED requirements, please get in touch with us on [email protected].

Let the journey begin!