Can I Still Apply For SASSA R350 Grant? Here's What We Know

The R350 grant has been reintroduced after coming to an end in April this year. For information please visit

Applying for the SRD grant

Social relief of distress is temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in need.

This could be due to any of the following factors:

  • you need help while you wait for your children’s grants to be processed
  • a crisis or disaster 
  • you do not qualify for a grant, and you are in a desperate situation
  • you are unable to work for a period of less than six month because you are medically unfit
  • you are unable to get maintenance from the other parent of your child or children
  • the breadwinner in the family has passed away or in no longer around

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the grant are not open yet. More details will soon be released.

Previously, applicants could apply by sending a WhatsApp to the following number, 082 046 8553 or visiting the sassa website:

Or by using one of the following channels:
Email: [email protected]
USSD: *134*7737#

SASSA has however not confirmed how the latest round of R350 grant applications will work. 

Who can apply for the SASSA R350 grant?

To find out who qualifies for the R350 srd grant, click here.

UPDATE: new information has been released since this article was published. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



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