Can soft skills make a difference?

Companies are hesitant to invest too much time and money in soft skills training but these skills are very often the catalyst for business success.

With the right combination of soft skills employers can potentially improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes from three weeks to one week, according to the experts.

This is because soft skills primarily equip you for working better with people. Businesses need more than great minds or technical experts. They need people who are able to work together for the benefit of the company. Soft skills are the glue that binds teams together and creates an atmosphere for businesses to flourish.

Common problems that cause distrust and hinder progress in the workplace include issues like interpersonal conflict, communication problems, gossiping, bullying, harassment and discrimination.

These issues may seem trivial to some managers but it can result in unhappy, stressed out, unproductive employees, which is bad for business.

Soft skills are the antidote to these toxic environments. Individuals who have soft skills have a deeper level of self-awareness, social awareness and are able to communicate more effectively.

They are accountable for their own behaviour and are willing to learn from their mistakes.

They understand their limits and realise their dependency on others. They are also interested in listening to and understanding others.

This kind of employee is critical to the effective functioning of any business. So the next time you are faced with the decision to send your staff on soft skills training ask yourself, 'can I really afford not to invest in soft skills?'

Alusani Skills & Training Network® offers a range of soft skills training courses. In the first quarter of 2016 these include; People Management Skills for New Managers, HR for New HR Professionals and Assertive Communication Skills for Women.

For more insight or information or to join any of the soft skills training courses hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network®. Contact them to find out more. Call 011 447 7470, email or visit their website

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