Can vocational training help you get a job?

While it will always be beneficial, a degree won’t necessarily secure you a job anymore. What employers really look for is professionals who can do the jobs they are being hired for. And this is where vocational training can really help you develop your career:

What is vocational training?

Employment opportunities
According to the Manpower South Africa 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, “47% of employers cited the lack of technical competencies or hard skills as a reason why they struggled to fill vacant positions.”
The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) also published a list of occupations that were in high demand in 2015, in which they state: “[the] South African labour market is characterised by high unemployment on the one hand, and skills shortages.” The DHET’s list of skills in high demand places a strong focus on technical skills, especially within fields such as engineering. Vocational training tells employers that you have the technical skills that they want, and not just an academic degree or theoretical knowledge.

High-paying career opportunities
Don’t think that only professionals with multiple university degrees can earn big paycheques. There are many high-paying professions that place a big emphasis on vocational skills and training.
For example: Software developers don’t necessarily need a university qualification as much as they need well-developed technical skills and relevant experience to secure employment.

Click on the link to find out which high-paying careers in South Africa you don’t need a degree for.

Career advancement opportunities
Continuous development can have an impact on earning levels and career advancement. Taking a vocational training course each year will prove to employers that your skills are still sharp, updated, and relevant. Moreover, continuous development is the best way to get ahead in your career, develop new skills, and expand your CV.
It is not surprising that many professional organisations have annual vocational training quotas for members, a measure put in place to assure employers that members certified by their organisation are top-tier professionals.

Making vocational training work for you
Vocational training can be a great resource if you want to develop your career, branch out into a new profession, or increase your employability. But you have to pick the right course, and the right type of qualification, for your needs and goals.

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