Career guidance for girls essential


Regarding your inquiry about women and transformation, in my opinion there is not nearly enough women in decision making employment, or for that matter in the corporate environment.

I must also add, in all fairness, the new political climate in South Africa is "eat or be eaten', and should a woman reach the top, it is always a case of "how did she get there', and the subsequent answer will always be "on her back'.

It seems that it is, according to the broader view, impossible for a woman to get past the glass ceiling only on merit and a good dose of spunk. Some woman also get confused with "being assertive and being a bitch'. Vast difference though.

I am generalising a bit, but I work only in the corporate environment, and that is my experience. There is no doubt in my mind that woman at the top will and can do an excellent job, but then they will have to learn that this is a man?s world, and therefore they must make a mind shift and bite down.

Men don?t cry or get emotional when pressured, men don?t suffer from pms, men do not get offended when labourers use a trench as a toilet on a construction site, so, it is a case of "if you wanna run with the big dogs, you can?t pee like a pup'.

Most women who start out on careers are misinformed. For instance, civil engineering, law etc. and other male dominated employment. To manage a construction site with 200 labour, most of which are unskilled, do not speak any African language, are not familiar with western culture, can be a daunting task. This is what they do not teach you at varsity. Same with law, especially litigation, you are going to face a murderer, child molester and most of the lower ranks of society.

So, with proper training, proper integration and thorough knowledge of their particular industry as well as a major in people skills, women will make excellent CEO?s or parliamentarians. There is not enough of us, and we are way under utilised. So my suggestion is to start grooming girls in school, with proper information and training.