A Career as a Traffic Police Officer


Do you have what it takes to work as a traffic police officer or in metropolitan policing?

Does the idea of bringing order to the streets of South Africa appeal to you? Do you dream of making a positive difference to society? Do you dream of a job where you are constantly on the go? If so, then a career as a traffic or metropolitan police officer may be perfect for you.

Whether you choose to become a traffic officer, a road transport inspector or an officer in the security or transport industry, the traffic arena is sure to keep your engines revving while allowing you to uphold law and order in your community.

With record vehicle sales bringing more and more cars-and an increasing accident toll - to our roads, there is a growing need for well-trained and knowledgeable traffic and metropolitan police officers.

A great way to enter the world of traffic policing is by enrolling in a metropolitan and traffic policing learning programme. Want to find out how to become a traffic officer? Read on for all you need to know on the topic.

Are you suited to a career in Traffic Policing

Bennie van Rooyen, Lyceum College's Traffic and Police Management School head, says if you answer yes to five or more of these questions, then traffic policing is a career well worth exploring.

1) Do you have sound organisational skills and a good command of language?

2) Do you enjoy putting operational systems in place?

3) Are you law-abiding and passionate about creating a safe and secure
environment in South Africa?

4) Are you able to stay calm in volatile situations?

5) Are you confident, efficient and energetic?

6) Do you enjoy being given responsibility?

7) Are you a people's person and good team worker?

Where can this lead you?

Apart from pursuing a career as a traffic or metro officer, you will be able to enter related fields such as safety and security and general law enforcement. Other possible avenues could include a career as a road transport inspector, as an officer in the security or transport industry or in a local or national law enforcement agency.

Where is the best place to study?

Lyceum College is one of the recommended South African institutions where you can study traffic policing. Lyceum's Metropolitan and Traffic Policing learning programme offers a good grounding about the theoretical component of this career. The subject experts involved with its learning programmes are all active in policing and security. Lyceum's learning programme is offered via distance learning, a flexible and affordable study method with multiple entry and exit levels which allows students to continue working while studying.