Careers for people with excellent communication skills

Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you good at listening, empathizing, convincing, and being assertive? If so, you may be credible for a career in one of these top jobs! Jobs expert, Larence Shatkin, author of 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, social skills and communication skills are in extremely high demand.

Shatkin states that accurately matching your skills to your job will radically boost your chances of both career success and satisfaction. From management to law and healthcare, here are some of the most in-demand jobs for people with excellent communication skills.

Marketing Manager
Social skills, management skills and thought processing skills are all important for this role and bests suits people who are good at developing projects. They need to have excellent power of persuasion as well as be able to coordinate and instruct a team.

Being a successful lawyer requires excellent communication skills, power of persuasion coupled with an investigative personality. Shatkin says that law requires constantly dealing with other people from peers, law enforcement, opposing lawyers and businesses. Lawyers need to be particularly adept at the art of negotiation.

Sales Representatives
Sales reps require the art of winning people over with their excellent sales skills. The recent blog post on the Principles of Persuasion explains the very important sales skills and factors that influence us to say YES! The Skills Portal advertises some excellent sales training programs
and communication skills training programs
Health Care
Health care, too, is a rapidly growing industry that needs people with good communication skills. Although science skills often eclipse social skills in these jobs, workers are still required to be service orientated and of course, have empathy and compassion.

Shatkin notes that while social skills are often undervalued by the market, they are increasingly in demand as the economy moves towards services and technology. And unlike technical skills, which are quickly outdated and need constant maintenance, social skills have a long shelf life.

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