Carrick, McAfee set to ?evolutionise? IT security solutions


By Christo van Staden, director at Carrick

The alliance between Carrick Holdings, local provider of IT system security, solutions and services, and globally established IT security solution vendor, McAfee, will pave the way for an increase in new sets of technologies for the local market, especially in the area of Enterprise Risk Management.

During the McAfee Partner Symposium, held recently in Warsaw, Poland, the vendor confirmed its intention to release enhanced offerings. This will have implications for the local market.

The objective is to enhance the overall solution to reflect exciting changes in the vendor?s focus. McAfee has stipulated its intent to change its focus from exclusive protection to that of adding true business value to the modern day corporate.

The vendor?s Management Console, Event Policy Orchestrator, has proven to be a step ahead of competition as far as management capability and defense intuition is concerned, but remains a reactive defense mechanism. Similarly its Anti-virus component remains a scan, detect and protection mechanism.

The release of its integrated security agent has served to enhance the detection and protection of the solution against the modern day "blended and multifunctional? threat.

McAfee?s Enterprise Risk Management drive strives to provide the organizations a consolidated view of its logical risk profile. This allows it to maintain a proactive, good stat of health opposed to reactively trying to protect itself once security is compromised.

The vendor partner has in the past year provided additional features and functionality in the management console to assist in the protection against threats such as worms, Trojans etc.

An announcement was made that Enterprise Risk Management out of EPO will be complimented by the recently acquired Compliance, Vulnerability Management and Patch Management Solutions.

Today one can identify the risk, measure it, quantify it and manage the workflow around mitigating out of the EPO console.

There is also great excitement around the new Data Leak Prevention Technology, changing the way organizations monitor and protect confidential information.

Although the technology will provide the functionality to protect confidential Information, the common question is "what information should we protect??

The majority of Data Leakage is accidental according to analysts. The only logical explanation to this is that organizations do not commonly understand what should be made public and what not.

This is obvious with the exception of Financial and Telecommunication industries. The absence of Data Classification seems to be one of the common reasons why the technology uptake on Data Leak Prevention will not be as quick as anticipated.

Management at McAfee has confirmed its intention to adopt a more aggressive approach to marketing.

In general, the symposium was superbly organized and content of the relevant speakers down to the point and applicable.

We also had break out sessions where some of the partner program approaches and points were discussed in an open forum. It was interesting to get feedback from different countries in the region on how they experience the McAfee Partner Program.