Change management summarized in 5 steps

“Slowness to change usually means fear of the new”, as Philip Crosby quotes.

Change is a process and has a cycle. Whether you are experiencing a personal change or going through stages of change within your organization, every person has the capability to change. All you need are the correct skills and tools to successfully manage change.

You get people who, despite the inevitability of change, resist it and who make life hard for themselves and the other people around them. People who are experts in living in the past, who are so stuck in the old that they do not see the future or that change can help them. It is very likely that these people do not want to succeed or are uncommitted.

Reading through all the literature and studies on Change Management, it is important to understand that there are a lot of elements in change both practical and applicable that one can apply daily to situations personally and at work. Change starts with you and the management thereof is the responsibility of every individual involved in that change cycle. Make a mind shift, a true choice to embrace the change so that it will work for you not against you.

Follow these steps:
1. Start from where you are at this moment. Accept the change and that there are no normal or abnormal ways of reacting to change.
2. Don’t fear change and don’t resist it. Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. So you can either make a choice to accept it and to deal with it. Resisting it won’t help anyone.
3. Embrace the way things will be. This doesn’t come overnight. You must accept that you will go through a few stages of adapting to the change and situation. We all must go through a process of grieving and of letting go of things that used to be. It is only here after, that we can truly embrace the opportunity that the change presents.
4. Use change to self-motivate. Think of innovative ways you can turn the changes to your advantage.
5. Be a change agent. Motivate team members or people in your personal life to adapt to the change. Help them see the positives. Be positive by always looking for ways to identify strategies for helping change to be accepted and implemented both in your workplace and at home.

Whether the change is forced or natural, planned or unplanned, internal or external or even positive or negative, change management and how you deal with it depends on the circumstances. Flexibility is key to embracing and successfully implementing change. The Mindspa Institute has been training companies to deal with change for years. We specialise in skills development through Management Training, Leadership Development, Office Professional and Secretary Training.

The greatest gap in the world is between “knowing” and “doing” so all our training workshops and interventions focus on bridging that gap through interacting with the business, its management, and employees, enabling them to take the lessons and practically implement the changes in their work and personal lives. Our training courses are carefully researched to ensure they are relevant to the South African reality. Our training consultants are specialists in their particular fields and this gives them insight into delegate needs as well as knowledge about actual trends in the market.

While Management Training remains a key focus, we offer a variety of different public training courses, in a variety of business fields, around the country. Our training material is developed in-house and therefore, we can customise training manuals to include your branding, mission, vision, and values statement - exclusive to in-house training. The Mindspa Institute Training Company is accredited by the Services Seta and Merseta. Inquire today by emailing [email protected] or visit our website for more information.