Change Is The Only Constant! Upgrade Your Skill-set To Stay Relevant

person working on laptop

Amid the global pandemic there is an increased demand for working individuals to upskill within their field. Why? This is necessary to improve chances of promotion, to remain relevant in a changed working world, and to avoid retrenchment brought about by a downturn in the economy.

The working world has faced massive changes, and as a result, we are moving rapidly towards a tech-driven society. Social distancing and remote working mandates have also increased the demand for AI integration, and in turn has increased the demand for the workforce to expand their skill-set.  Luckily this has been made accessible through online learning models. 

There are countless benefits to AI, as an online-driven world has enabled full-time workers to obtain qualifications, where taking time off work to go into campus is no longer a necessity. In a sense online behavior has actually increased productivity, as employees spend less time commuting to and from work. 

It is no longer necessary to account for travel time to meetings, to and from work, and even for lunch breaks. The education Industry is also one that has evolved massively in just a matter of a few months and this is largely attributed to the demand for safe on-line schooling and the need to upskill one’s area of expertise in efforts to stay relevant to one’s industry.

Boston City Campus has adapted to the changes and demand within the South African economy in order to accommodate those working individuals.  The importance of meeting the demands of the changing economy as well as adapting to the new norm we are faced with must be met with an upgrade in skills sets. There is an enhanced pressure placed on employees to learn new skills and develop new aptitudes. 

Online learning at Boston and many other higher education institutions has made the prospect of obtaining a tertiary qualification far more achievable, due to flexibility, as students are able to study at any time from anywhere.

E- learning caters for self-paced study, and Boston has even pre recorded classes. Students can access lessons in their own time, and complete them at their own pace,  as there are no set class times. All qualifications offered at Boston City Campus are delivered in the distance mode where every lesson is saved to the students’ online profile, so that learners can access their lessons.

E-learning not only offers the option to study in the distance mode but also offers a learning model that contributes to improved virtual communication and technical skills. Online learning is the most effective and efficient avenue to consider- in order to stay relevant in today’s working world. 



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