Changing payroll landscape – the biggest game changer


by Sandra Swanepoel, Sales director at Sage VIP

The payroll landscape in South Africa and the rest of Africa is changing rapidly.
There are many factors contributing to this new and exciting, technology driven
payroll environment and they are all important. Companies therefore need to invest in
HR and payroll software that fits their unique business environment. Making a decision
that suits your business will give you the maximum benefit from a changing

Processing your HR and payroll in the Cloud

HR and payroll software’s move into the cloud has enabled companies to access a
payroll system anytime, anywhere and there is no need for manual calculations. It
makes the implementation of payroll less complex and is sometimes referred to as the
"do-it-yourself’ option.

Cloud solutions led to the creation of Software as a Service (SaaS), which
essentially allows users to utilise HR and payroll software through the web on a pay per
use basis. Being able to benefit from a quick rollout of software and consistently up
to date tax calculations significantly reduces the burden on businesses and assists
them to focus on managing costs and running their operations.

Investing in new and sustainable technology is critical

We live in a fast-paced business environment where technology changes rapidly.
It is important to ensure that your HR and payroll software is adaptable to new
technology platforms that can develop as your business grows.

The investment in time and resources will require that you are able to stay on the
software for many years. The benefit of a structured query language (SQL) platform
means businesses can easily access and process data. The drivers of an enterprise
size business that has well-established processes with a multinational HR and payroll
office can be vastly different to a small or medium size business in a growth phase.

One of the most exciting aspects in a changing landscape has to be the
benefits of Connected Services

Implementing HR and payroll software with connected services as part of the
solution will open up more possibilities than one could imagine. It will allow for
companies to get the benefit of a multitude of applications surrounding their payroll
software with direct benefits to the user.

One of them is the validation and verification of bank accounts. Improving the
accuracy of bank accounts and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.
Furthermore, connected services will allow for frictionless updates with no need to
download updates manually. The benefit to users will be enormous in terms of
efficiencies and speed of updating to the latest version.

The explosion of the mobile workforce

With the hype of mobility playing a large part across all applications, HR and payroll
software is no exception. The benefits of mobile payslips and employee self-service,
across mobile devices, will drive efficiencies while also giving employees easy access
to their information.

Connectivity across Africa has empowered businesses to drive
efficiencies across borders, across all parts of the business

Many South African companies with offices in Africa can standardise processes
now for the first time, as connectivity has improved, making private cloud a viable
option. For the first time business analytics and consolidating data to manage costs
more effectively is practical. This will improve workforce management, appointing and
sharing of resources and driving costs down with software being standardised.