Children Under 18 May Apply As Caregivers For The CSG Top-Up


In a recent media briefing, the Department of Social Development (DSD) gave an update regarding two social grants administered by the department’s agency. Details on who can apply and which documents are needed have also been announced.




It has been a week since Social Development encouraged all relatives who are caring for orphaned children to come forward and submit a Child Support Grant (CSG) Top-Up application at their closest South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) office.

The department has pointed out that this is not a new grant, but rather an additional R240 that supplements the standard R480 CSG.

The government agency has explained that only relatives caring for an orphaned child can apply for this grant. 

They will be required to submit death certificates of both parents of the child under their care. It has been confirmed that no social worker’s report or court orders are needed to access the Top-Up, making the Child Support Grant programme to be as accessible as possible to meet the basic needs of orphaned children.

In a media briefing, the Department of Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has announced:

The only caregiver who needs to see a social worker before they can approach Sassa, are children under 18 years who are looking after their orphaned siblings in child-headed households.

Section 137 (1) (c) of the Children's Act only provides for orphaned children to be declared a child-headed household if the eldest child has reached the required age of 16 or older.

Before starting the process of the grants application, the child applying to be a caregiver of their siblings will need to see a social worker who will assess their situation, complete a form in terms of section 137 of the Children’s Act, and then provide them with the extra support that they need due to not having an adult in the household.

According to Sassa, the government’s latest investment is aimed at creating a better life for children living in poverty by increasing the amount of the Child Support Grant for them. 

Zulu has confirmed that the turnaround time of the Child Support Grant Top-Up application process, verification and payment should be within one month.





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