The cloud represents a silver lining for HR


The availability of HR and access control services in the cloud is an area of major
significance to decision makers within businesses of all sizes.

This is the view of the executive leadership at Accsys, a national supplier of
management solutions within HR, payroll administration, time and attendance and
access control.

The company offers the Accsys PeopleCloud solution via Software as a Service
(SaaS) (underpinned by its acclaimed PeopleWare software) to clients wanting to
leverage off virtual payroll, HR, Time and Attendance and access control.

New companies or those considering outsourcing their complete IT infrastructure
are offered an end-to-end people management solution that does not require
technical resources, server space, power or capacity.

The only prerequisite to enjoying PeopleWare to the fullest is a reliable internet
connection. Some barriers to entry towards the adoption of SaaS for HR and Payroll
processes include the sometimes costly bandwidth as well as a perceived fear of the
unknown as far as cloud security, redundancy and fiduciary responsibility is

Dr Liam Terblanche, CIO of Accsys, says the company has positioned
PeopleCloud as a total people management solution, hosted in a secure data centre,
providing the opportunity for clients to access it from anywhere in the world, from
traditional workstations and mobile devices.

The company?s software is compatible with the a number of market-leading
biometric security and identification systems.

Accsys is also one of a select few who has received Ideco Certification for their
integration development with the Safran Morpho (Sagem) biometric range of

Another unique offering from this cloud solution, is the hybrid implementation of
various biometric modalities, including fingerprint- and face recognition biometrics.

"One can thus implement fingerprint readers from one manufacturer, and combine
it with face-recognition solutions provided by another, into a single solution,
controlled through a common interface, from your iPad', says Teryl Schroenn, CEO,

Being a market leader in the integration of critical business management modules,
including HR, payroll and access control, on a single database, differentiates the
company from its competitors.

"This is our strength and this is the value we will continue to add to existing and
emerging markets going forward,' says Schroenn.