Coaching Academy helps MG reach his potential


Cape Town-based coach education company Creative Consciousness International Coaching Academy (CCI-CA) has sponsored a student from the Cape Flats to become a life coach.

Moegamat (MG) Gallant, says that his humble background motivated him to do something with his life. "I had a vision that I could do something great. I refused to be tempted to fall into drugs and a life of crime, which is where so many guys here end up."

German Master Coach Marc Steinberg, CEO of CCI-CA and developer of their powerful Consciousness Coaching® methodology, says that MG won the sponsorship as a result of his unquestionable passion for supporting people in becoming the greatest they can be.

"Making Consciousness Coaching® available to previously disadvantaged communities is part of CCI Coaching Academy's greater vision, and MG was the perfect candidate to fulfill that vision," Steinberg says.

MG's love for rugby found him playing for local clubs until, at the age of 19, he sustained an injury that prevented him from continuing his playing career. "I always had a positive outlook on life and believe that nothing ever happens for no reason," says MG, "so I chose to turn the challenge into a golden opportunity and accepted a post as rugby coach."

After completing the Level 1 and 2 coaching courses through Western Province Rugby Club, MG realized he had a natural flair for motivating and inspiring those whom he interacted with on the rugby field.

"I wanted to strengthen my natural abilities, so I did some research on the Internet. I was not aware of there being such a movement as 'life coaching'," says MG. "I found the CCI website and I loved what they offered.

"The words Consciousness Coaching®, really sprung out at me, to me that meant something powerful. The website also promised that I would be supported in gaining clarity and personal power, and that was essentially what I was looking for," MG says.

"I approached them even though I had no way of paying the fees, but they were looking for someone to sponsor, so it was matter of being in the right place at the tight time."

CCI is a Cape Town-based global operation that offers high-end corporate and private coaching services and seminars as well as a coaching academy. "I have been given tangible tools to really create an inspiring life for myself," says MG. "The process of creating is unlimited, as we have unlimited power to create!"