Is coaching for me?


To find out if business coaching is something that you could benefit from it can
help to get a better understanding of what exactly coaching is, and why
someone would hire a business or leadership coach in the first place.

So, first off, what exactly is coaching?

In short, business coaching is a process which involves a business coach
working with a client over a period of months (however, for shorter-term goals
this is not always the case) to assist in the setting and achieving of more
rewarding and challenging goals, to help businesses move forward and expand,
and to assist clients in the elimination of time-wasting activities and

Okay, so how can coaching help me? What will it really achieve?

Coaching can help you in the following ways:

By helping you set more challenging and rewarding goals for the business

By helping you achieve the more challenging goals you?ve set/>
By helping you improve your skills/>
By helping you improve both client development and business relationships
By helping you balance your personal life and business life/>
By helping you become more motivated and goal-orientated />

Businesses as a whole also benefit from coaching in that the skills passed on to
the individual being coached are transferred to his or her coworkers, leading to
an all-round better functioning and more knowledgeable workforce.

And when do people hire coaches?

Business and leadership coaches can be called on in any number of
situations, from small projects which require just one or two meetings, to long-
term projects which span over a six-month period or longer.

People often hire businesses coaches when they feel that their business (or
department)is simply not moving forward, or worse, when they find themselves
moving backwards. A business coach can then be called to develop a
programme, together with the individual, consisting of attainable and
measurable goals and a plan of action to achieve these goals.

Coaches can also be hired when individuals are looking for a fresh perspective
or are looking for new ways in which to be challenged, and while coaches will
not go as far as actually doing the client?s job for them, they are a highly useful
tool to help map out a plan of action to set and reach goals, and also act as a
sounding board and voice of reason for the individual.

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