A coaching tool that gets the job done


Business coaching and mentoring is gaining popularity in the marketplace as
more business leaders discover the value of this profession.

The word coach probably brings to mind images of Denzel Washington in the
men?s football locker room at half-time, delivering a speech so inspiring that the
players will go back out and make the come-back of the season.

Business coaching is a little less dramatic and instant. It is a personal and
professional development tool which helps people tap into their potential.

"Coaching doesn?t necessarily teach, it asks questions and allows the
person to come to their own understanding', says Debbie Engelbrecht, CEO of
Staff Training.

Coaching helps individuals and teams to improve their overall performance
through a process of setting clearer, more relevant and achievable goals,
increasing their openness to new paths of development and learning and
replacing old unwanted habits.

One of the drawbacks of coaching could be the time it takes to see results,
but this is overshadowed by the benefits to the person and the business.
"Coaches get better long-term results as the process is longer and more

The impact of training programmes is sometimes limited because it focuses
on a particular area of professional development. Engelbrecht argues that
training can be ineffective if the trainee is facing challenges at home or socially.

Both coaching and traditional skills development programmes have their
place in terms of empowering and developing people.However coaching
providesa more holistic approach to building well-rounded professionals.

Human beings are complex creatures and need to develop in multiple areas
to perform at their peak. For this reason there are a variety of coaching
techniques, including business, personal, leadership and team coaching.

There is a real need for coaching in South Africa, says Engelbrecht.While the
response from corporate companies has been promising, smaller businesses
have been cautious.

This caution comes from the fear that coaching is an expensive exercise,
which is a common misconception. She explains that there are many packages
that can be selected to suit the needs and budget of the business.

Staff Training have launched a new product which makes use of the
Enneagram. "This is one of the strongest coaching tools', says Engelbrecht.

It is an online questionnaire of roughly 250 questions which provides an
accurate explanation of motivations and perceptions to help people grow in the
right areas.

"Discomfort comes during the coaching process.' This discomfort shows that
there is a weakness
or issue that must be dealt with.

Engelbrecht says that the Enneagram product is excellent at rooting out problem
areas to get the best results.

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