Compare your salary to the average South African


A new tool developed by SALDRU allows South Africans to compare their take-home pay with the rest of the country.



A new online tool allows South Africans to find out how their monthly salaries compare with the average. The SA Labour Development Resources Unit at UCT developed the online system as an addition to their research into the local labour market.

Saldru highlight that South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world, with half of the population struggling with little or no income.   

On their website they ask: "If you think about your household, how rich or poor do you think you are compared to other South Africans? SALDRU has developed this income comparison tool to help you see how income is distributed from the poorest to the richest in South Africa".

Just by entering basic information about your salary and household size you can access the information from the system.

 So now its easy to compare where you think you fall in the SA income distrubition graph - and see how accurate you are.

 Click here to compare your salary

More information about Saldru is available at





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