Competent receptionists in high demand

The duties of a receptionist seem to be a never-ending list, which is constantly being added onto.

Scrolling through job sites, you will often see advertisements similar to this one.

Urgently seeking a receptionist who can work under pressure

“Preferably someone who matriculated last year.  Must be well spoken and well presented. Must be able to work at a fast pace under pressure. Duties will involve answering the phone, sending orders, obtaining authorisation for invoices, ordering stationery, quoting. Must be able to think outside of the box. To start immediately. Salary – minimal. Experience - 1 year.”

Receptionists are the go-to person for stationary.  The person who needs to collect the boss’s dry-cleaning.  The in-house travel-agent.  The printer-fix person.  The person who organises all the birthday and year-end parties.  The person who collects client data.  The person who files all the data.

When you first glance at this position, it is almost logical to want to employ someone with very little experience – usually a person who recently matriculated.

Receptionists are the first point of contact for clients in most companies. The first person that important client will speak to on the phone.  The first person that the very same important client sees when he comes into the office for that meeting you struggled to set up for months.  The first person a patient will see when coming in for a daunting procedure at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Your receptionist may also be the reason your client cancelled that important meeting, or why a patient turns around, walks out and never returns.

So how do you go about to find that perfect receptionist?  You won’t find them easily.  They are already with the company who trained them to be the perfect “shop-window” for them.  They are the ones smiling, well-dressed, well-spoken, emotionally composed, warm and welcoming when you walk through their doors.

At Staff Training we offer a wide variety of soft-skills courses to assist your recently matriculated receptionist in becoming the best receptionist they can be.  Our Frontline Reception I and II courses cover reception basics, while our Emotional Intelligence course provides the necessary awareness, knowledge and confidence while working in high-paced, stressful environments.

Employ that recently matriculated person as receptionist! But give him or her the necessary training to be your company’s celebrity “shop-window”.

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