Conflict management at work

Cooperation between colleagues in the workplace is one of the most important influences on productivity and efficiency. If cooperation is negatively influenced, productivity and work efficiency drops. In order to avoid this, there needs to be a basic understanding of how to handle conflict between each other.

Conflict management skills are essential in the work environment of today, yet few managers have been trained to respond confidently in the face of these stresses. Instinctively we react to conflict in ways which are based upon old habits which often result in escalating a vicious cycle of conflict.

Inter-personal, inter-group and structural conflicts all point to the need for more effective tools for lasting problem solving through negotiation. It is thus important for managers, supervisors and customer service staff to become familiar with the principles, processes, and techniques of conflict management.

This course will inform and deepen your understanding further, enabling you to make wise choices which will improve your ability to manage conflict professionally.

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