Coronavirus Myths Vs Facts

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There are many myths around Covid-19 and the vaccines circulating around on social media and people are deeming them to be true spreading false information. 

To verify all covid-19 related information, we suggest visiting the website directly for facts and information backed by science.

Myth: COVID-19 is actually not caused by a virus!

Science: COVID-19 disease is caused by a virus and this has been proven many times. The virus has been isolated by many laboratories in the world and we even have the genetic sequence data of the virus. So, it's not a bacteria and using antibiotics to treat COVID-19 will not help because it's a virus and not a bacteria says Dr Sylvie Briand from WHO.

Myth: Having lots of alcohol will kill the virus and sanitise you!

Science: According to Dr Sylvie Briand from WHO, drinking lots of alcohol does not kill the virus. She says, "No, in fact, drinking alcohol doesn't cure or doesn't prevent COVID-19 infection. The virus is not sensitive to the alcohol we drink."

Myth: Consuming garlic protects you against Covid-19!

Science: Dr Sylvie Briand says, "Regarding COVID-19, so far we have no evidence that garlic is a treatment for this disease. So some studies are studying it but again, I mean, we need to really cross check the different studies, before making any recommendation about garlic. What is for sure is that it's not good for health to abuse garlic and to take too much garlic expecting that garlic will cure the disease."

Things you can do to protect you from contracting the virus or reducing your risk of contracting the virus is washing your hands, wearing a mask in public spaces and maintaining physical distancing.



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