Corporate Training and Skills Development/Employment Equity

“Workplace skills plans (WSP) document skills needs in an organisation and describe the range of skills development interventions that an organisation will use to address these needs, The benefit to business: Employers may claim 20% of their total levy contribution annually, called the Mandatory Grant, through submission of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) due by 30 April each year.

Only levy paying organisations may access mandatory grant funding.

Some of the benefits of this training and the importance of learning about EE are as follows:

  • Recover up to 20% mandatory grant from Skills Development Levies paid to SARS in the financial period.
  • Your Plan and Report may be used as an application for a discretionary grant for essential training.
  • Points will be earned under the revised B-BBEE Codes for the Skills Development priority element upon successful submission of the Plan and Report.
  • Skills Development positively promotes succession planning and Employment Equity in the workplace.” Craig Tonkin

The objective of this workshop is to give an overview of the Employment Equity Act. Upon completion of the course, the candidate will able to demonstrate an understanding of the Employment Equity Act, a company’s employment equity plan, Department of Labour requirements; and the relationships between business strategy, employment equity and organisational transformation and change management and implement an employment equity plan.

What business and legislative RISKS are you exposed to by being NON-COMPLIANT?


*How to implement EE in your organisation.
*Eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace.
*How to avoid being fined for non-compliance in Employment Equity.
*How to set up your Employment Equity Committee.
*Forms and templates to assist you with Employment

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