Correctional Services warns suppliers of PPE scam




The Department of Correctional Services has warned its suppliers and potential suppliers about scammers pretending to be representatives of the department and issuing fraudulent Request for Quotations (RFQs).

According to the department, the scammers issues RFQs for purchase orders for the supply and delivery of personal protective equipment (PPEs) to the department.

The fraudulent RFQs and purchase orders are used to obtain delivery of PPEs by the fraudsters who then disappear with the goods after which companies approach the department for payment, only to find out that they were defrauded.

“All suppliers and potential suppliers are cautioned to be vigilant and take precautions and ensure that RFQs and purchase orders presented are valid before they deliver any goods,” said the department.

It said suppliers and potential suppliers may call the National Procurement Office on ‪012 305 8621 to confirm the validity of RFQs and purchase orders.

“DCS will not be responsible for compensation of any losses suffered due to such fraudulent activities,” the department said.