Could you be an entrepreneur?

Government?s behind it. Banks, venture capitalists and the Innovation Fund are
supporting it. South Africa?s homegrown entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth
succeeded at it. Now it is your chance to get into it. Small Business

Entrepreneurship, business development, job creation and SME?s are SA?s
hottest buzzwords. But starting your own business will take commitment, guts
and belief in yourself.

You?ll have to knuckle down and develop your business plan, set up your work
space, buy office equipment and stationery and attract your first client before
you can make your first profit and begin to reap the benefits of your efforts.

So to make sure you lay the foundations first time and avoid the pitfalls of many
first time small business owners, consider enrolling for a small business
management course to give you the groundwork you need to join the rest of
SA?s up-and-coming entrepreneurs!

Are you an entrepreneur?

Quinton Meiring, INTEC College?s career guidance counsellor says entrepreneurs
are a certain type of person, with passionate, energetic, resourceful and "never
give up? attitudes backing their zest. Do you think you have what it takes to be
SA?s own Richard Branson? Take our test - answer yes to five or more questions
and you could have what it takes.

1) Do you want to be your own boss?

2) Are you a risk-taker who is not afraid of setbacks?

3) Are you confident in your own abilities?

4) Are you an out-the-box thinker?

5) Do you have vision, tenacity, drive and motivation?

6) Do you have a strong desire to achieve?

7) Are you a problem solver?

8) Do you have a good head for figures?

9) Are you passionate about South Africa, local industry and development?

10) Are you a hard worker who is able to see projects through to completion,
even when
times are tough?

Small Business Management - where to study?

One of the recommended South African institutions offering a comprehensive
Certificate in Small Business Management for avid entrepreneurs is INTEC

Students who are interested in the course can contact
INTEC College on 0860 103 347 or

Click here to go to their website

Students will develop a range of skills, including how to market a small
business, how to write that business plan that is going to knock your potential
clients? socks off, how to balance books, price products, control stock and
manage a budget.

The flexible and affordable distance learning course will allow you to study while
you work, giving you the option of staying economically active or extra time to
work on your business plan.

Career direction - the only way is up.

Career opportunities are endless and depend on your talents and interests. You
could develop a new product, start a franchise or open your own furniture
trading business. You could even launch a corporate gifting business that
invests in local artists and manufacturers - the sky really is the limit!