Course challenges traditional marketing mix


The GSB is launching a new executive short course designed to help businesses achieve success through mutually beneficial relationships.

According to course designer and director Gerhard Sagat, Marketing Consultant at strategic marketing company Terranova based in Johannesburg, the programme is based on the current thinking around relationship marketing, which challenges the traditional approach of the marketing mix.

"This course is different to other programmes in that it views marketing as a business philosophy in which the development and management of relationships is key to a company's success," said Sagat. "The course also goes beyond customer relationship management (CRM), which in itself is just a partial view of relationship marketing."

With the intense competition companies experience today, Sagat believes that forging relationships with not only customers, but also employees, suppliers and even competitors can be effective ways to achieve sustainable success. "The ultimate goal of most organisations is to create value for their customers at a profit. In certain instances, you might need to collaborate with your competitors to achieve this," said Sagat.

The course, called Relationship Marketing - How it Works, will be running from 3 - 4 October. It is a distillation of Sagat's MBA thesis, which researched the workings and best practice of relationship marketing from both a global and local perspective, with particular emphasis on the Scandinavian schools of thought.

"Another unique aspect of this course is that there is a strong balance between theory and practical," said Sagat. "By the end of this course, delegates should have enough knowledge and confidence to develop these types of strategies back in their offices."

The programme is a designed for marketing managers and business executives who are looking for a new way to develop a sustainable strategic advantage in the marketplace. "If your relationships also deliver value, over and above the value of the transactions, then your customers are less likely to use your competitors."

Sagat has over ten years marketing management experience in various sectors, including the financial, entertainment, e-commerce and retail industries.

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