Covid-19 training and Change Management – Dealing with the new normal



The uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 requires organisations to recognise leadership and employee sentiments and explore new ways of working for business continuity.

This perspective piece provides change management insights and best practices to assist organisations in minimising the COVID-19 impact on people, operations, and businesses.



The benefits and advantages of this training and courses are as follows:

  • Drive consistent electronic messaging across the organisation—the single supply of truth for all.
  • Manage multi-channel communication as well as confidential feedback and reportage channels.
  • Share updates on the newest public advisories from the native, state, and national political leaders and health officers for organisational leaders to align on eventualities and actions needed.
  • Be at the middle of all remedial actions across all workstreams supported eventualities and triggers. Coordinate with the functions and act quick.
  • Set the governance to change cross-functional groups to figure along.
  • assess any changes within the ways in which of operating thanks to the Business Continuity designing (BCP) eventualities and communicate acceptable ways in which of operating clearly.
  • offer consistent pointers to managers to confirm workers safety and have interaction them

Change management is optimal for strategic organizational growth, post COVID-19 employees/employers must decide to inform and ready themselves for the evolution to 4IR that is being catapulted by the Corona Virus. Studying pre-pandemic was a task on its' own it seems during this pandemic studying has become almost impossible and unattainable

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